Bon Temps Boutique

Modern Play Clothes with New Orleans Joie de Vivre.

Designed in NOLA

Laura McPhail created Bon Temps Boutique to give our kids modern play clothes with New Orleans joie de vivre. After Laura graduated from Ursuline she studied art and painting. A lifelong love of fashion led to a career in textile design for a major American retailer. Longing for New Orleans, Laura packed up her husband, son, chihuahua and moved home. Now, all her creative energy is packed into Bon Temps Boutique.

Style & Quality

We know it gets hot in the summer, cotton feels good! We prefer to use natural fibers for our clothes so our little monkeys can play hard and look good.

Keep it Local

One of the main goals of Bon Temps Boutique is to make as much of our clothing as possible in New Orleans. There is a wealth of talent in our city, we want to show it. All designs are created in New Orleans by Laura McPhail.

Make it Special

With a wealth of inspiration, Bon Temps captures New Orleans culture for our children. We hope you like it as much as we do.